In early November, Berd’s Restaurant hosted an exclusive luncheon that paid homage to the essence of the season. The event featured a specially crafted seasonal menu designed by the esteemed Michelin-starred Chef Oxana Crețu. Oxana’s culinary perspective is intricately woven into the “Roots” concept of Berd’s Restaurant, celebrating a return to local traditions and the fundamental origins of culinary inspiration.

I was also invited to this dinner and want to share with you about. The key ingredient in the new seasonal menu are root vegetables, with the philosophy of authenticity and local production, thus also supporting the national economy.

What’s on the menu this season

  • Chicken liver pâté with quince and ice wine, glazed with izvar
  • Salad with smoked carp, zucchini, browned fennel and creamy sheep’s cheese dressing
  • Trout with pumpkin leaves, mushroom sauce and bee honey
  • Pork chops with beans, plums and soy sauce from Băcioi
  • Dessert with pollen, propolis and lavender ice cream

Each dish on the seasonal menu was a tribute to the local gastronomic heritage. The exclusive luncheon at Berd’s Restaurant was a true culinary journey, allowing guests to savor the flavors of the season and embrace the rich traditions deeply woven into the fabric of the region. It was a testament to the fact that fine dining can be an immersive experience, connecting diners with the roots of their culinary identity.

As we look to the future of gastronomy, it’s essential to remember that our culinary roots are the foundation upon which we build the flavors of tomorrow. Berd’s Restaurant, in partnership with the talented Chef Oxana Crețu, is leading the way in celebrating these roots and ensuring they continue to flourish in the world of modern cuisine. It’s a celebration of where we come from and where we’re heading, and it’s a journey that we’re excited to continue exploring in the world of fine dining.

I hope I’ve intrigued you and you’ll enjoy these delights too.

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