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Omelette with Apples – A Must Try Breakfast! Once you cook try it, you’ll adopt it forever. My daughters’ father was the first one to try this curious egg–apple combination. We were really surprised by the taste. The uniqueness of this omelette consists in the combination of sour apples, lightly browned onion and melted cheese. My mother loves to cook it during the weekend. So do I.

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This is one of my favorite childhood recipes. No wonder it became one of the favorites of my kids. The basic ingredient of this recipe is the sweet and soft bun. You can also use any type of toast or plain white bread. Sometimes I use rye bread instead. Nevertheless, the sweet, fresh and flavorful buns remain the best option for this recipe. My mom always sprinkles some icing and serves them with cheese, honey, warm milk, or herbal tea.

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