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The best way of preparing this flavorful salsa borrowed from Georgian cuisine is to use vegetables from your own garden – fragrant and fresh. Wash the vegetables and prepare them to be minced. Choose oblong, not too juicy tomatoes and cut them into quarters. Wash the peppers, deseed, and slice them. Do the same with the flat pimento peppers.

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Stuffed pickled peppers are made with fresh seasonal vegetables. For making this preserve, my parents begin with covering their kitchen floor with plastic film and then start chopping the cabbage, carrots and onions. My father takes part in the entire process, because he knows best how to finely chop the cabbage. My mother sautés the onion and prepares the peppers. It is served with mashed potatoes or meat. I, for instance, like to eat these pickles with fresh cottage cheese.

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My parents and their friends had a tradition: on every 9th of May they used to celebrate the Victory Day by going to the same forest. We were doing the traditional 9th of May BBQ. Also kids were picking up ramson and lilies of the valley. Even today, when I smell these wonderful flowers I quiver with nostalgia over those magical childhood days.

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