Pasca – Moldovan Easter BreadBy Nata AlbotPască [paskə] is our traditional bread for Easter similar to the Italian panetone, made with cheese stuffing. Our grandmothers and mothers bake Pasca on Thursday night, before Easter and won't let you eat it before it is blessed during the Easter ceremony. It is said that before making the dough for this traditional cheese bread one should close all the doors and windows, to avoid the cold air, otherwise the dough won’t rise. Also, one should pray before kneading the dough, and be lighthearted. The secret of a tasty Pască lies in a good soul, positive thoughts and a vigorous kneading.
Placinta From The South – My Mom’s RecipeBy Nata AlbotPlacinta is the traditional pastry of the Moldovan cuisine, resembling a thin, small round or square-shaped galette, usually filled with cottage cheese and herbs, fermented cabbage, potatoes or pumpkin, apples, sour cherries.
Adjika – The Best Homemade SalsaBy Nata AlbotThe best way of preparing this flavorful salsa borrowed from Georgian cuisine is to use vegetables from your own garden – fragrant and fresh. Wash the vegetables and prepare them to be minced. Choose oblong, not too juicy tomatoes and cut them into quarters. Wash the peppers, deseed, and slice them. Do the same with the flat pimento peppers.
Blackcurrant Crème BrûléeBy Nata AlbotI have to be honest with you. It's not me who made this fabulous dessert. It was my 14 years old daughter Eva. So just to let you know how easy it is to make crème brûlé at home, Eva did it from the first time. And we all just loved it! The combination of the creamy texture with black currant fragrance is so awaking and unique! Also I doubled the ingredients in the recipe, because the portion we made was too small to enjoy it with the whole family. Bay leaves are bringing a note of coniferous. Don't worry if you don't have a blowtorch to caramelize the sugar on top. The dessert is so good you won't even notice this imperfection.
Savory Peach Chicken DrumsticksBy Nata AlbotTry it now or forget it until next summer! This dish is a wonderful stage for fresh peaches. The ultimate notes will be added by balsamic vinegar, mustard seeds and fresh basil. A tasty dinner everyone will enjoy! Peach Chicken with balsamic vinegar and mustard flavors is a must!
Stuffed pickled peppersBy Nata AlbotStuffed pickled peppers are made with fresh seasonal vegetables. For making this preserve, my parents begin with covering their kitchen floor with plastic film and then start chopping the cabbage, carrots and onions. My father takes part in the entire process, because he knows best how to finely chop the cabbage. My mother sautés the onion and prepares the peppers. It is served with mashed potatoes or meat. I, for instance, like to eat these pickles with fresh cottage cheese.
Watermelon Salad with Moldovan BrânzaBy Nata AlbotWatermelon is the most awaited summer delight in Moldova. Brânza is part of our national DNA. Watermelon Salad with Moldovan Brânza sounds weird, but is super tasty.
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