By Nata Albot
WHITE CHERRY CONFITUREBy Nata AlbotWhite cherry confiture is the most delicate and rare of all traditional confitures. Why is it so special? because it will drive you crazy with its taste. Whether we use it for tea, ice cream, pancakes or babă albă (see recipe #72), this confiture is the finest, sweetest creation from our cuisine.
STUFFED ZUCCHINIBy Nata AlbotSimilar to our traditional sarmale [sar’male], stuffed zucchini is made with the same filling but in a different way. I prefer sarmale; however, this dish is for those who don’t like the taste of vine leaves or pickled cabbage: a different recipe for those who seek new flavors. Do you know how delicious a stuffed zucchini with homemade sour cream can be?
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