Moldovan cheese with medals at the “Mondial du Fromage”

Well friends, I’m delighted to announce the latest news in the Moldovan gourmet scene. The cheeses of a producer from the Republic of Moldova were awarded silver and bronze medals at the 6th edition of the World Cheese Competition “Mondial du Fromage”, which took place on 10-12 September 2023 in Tours, France.

  • Photo source: Ambasada Republicii Moldova în Franţa 

The Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Paris announced today that the Caciotta cheese of the local cheese producer Gospodăria Țărănească “Chiriac Piotr” from Taraclia district, won the silver medal. At the same time, the Gulvet Delicatus cheese of the same producer managed to win the bronze medal.
*The south area of Moldova is well known for its local cheese and cottage.

Why is this important news for us? The medals awarded put the Republic of Moldova on the map of cheese producers, alongside the most famous ones from countries such as France, Italy and Switzerland.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in France, Corina Călugăru, congratulated the producer from our country for the remarkable results obtained for the first time in the competition and the perseverance to develop this branch in our country.

I can’t wait to taste these mouth-watering cheeses and of course to share this wonderful good news with you all.
Made in Moldova is sounding sweeter and more and more trustworthy, isn’t that right?

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