For some people 2020 was the year of failed dreams, for others it was the year of new opportunities. For me it was also the first year since 2013 when I didn’t visit Moldova. Which is why I missed all the new eating places in Chisinau. Anyway let’s congratulate all those talented chefs and brave restaurant owners who didn’t give up and continued fighting for their projects. Let’s take a look at the newest eating places and put them on our wish list.

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Fuior Gourmet is probably the only place in Chișinău serving Moldovan traditional cuisine brought to a high level. Hopefully the owners will open soon the second restaurant.

“Hai” is Poiana Winery’s restaurant located in the middle of Codrii forest, serving Moldovan & Soviet time inspired dishes with a modern touch and with a wonderful landscape view. The menu is designed around wines so just choose your favorite white, rose or red and chef Dmitrii Petrenko will gladly pair it with the perfect dishes.

Kiku Steak & Wine is the only chef-owned restaurant in Chșinău serving highly appreciated meat dishes and great Moldovan wines. Recently chef Petru Chicu nested in a new location, in downtown. The design of Kiku 2 is nice and elegant.

This place was long time awaited in town by sea food lovers, as it’s not that easy to find one in Chișinău. Mussels, oysters, shrimps – everything you wish for in a minimalist and cozy place.

While HORECA was crying for help during covid pandemic, Aproape (Close) Restaurant open its doors and tried to become a family-friendly place with fusion cuisine.

How can we complain about last year, when we finally have a vegan restaurant in town! Open by Calin Vieru, a well known personality in Moldovan HORECA, the place is actively promoted by local artists, even I don’t know any of them being vegan.

Oliva Verde is a nice place to eat and spend time, located in the downtown area, inside of an old building, amazingly renovated. You’ll find a menu full of options for vegan, vegetarians and flexitarians. Chef Emil Bojescu loves spices and you’ll have the chance to feel it.

Steak Me is the place for meat lovers. They have their own farm and serve great angus steaks. Chef Alexandr Julavschi will cook your meat as you wish rare, medium or well done.

Sincer is 2 in 1 Cafe & Market where you’ll find nice local products, carefully chosen by chef Dumitru Boicu. The key words for this place are Fresh and Healthy!

In case you’re looking for a tasty escape outside Chisinau, check this place in Peresecina village , 40 min away from Chisinau. Marcu Bakery breaks the local stereotypes about eating places in rural regions. It’s nice, warm, cozy and surprisingly well appreciated by visitors. Rumor has their fruit pies, croissants and cakes steal the thunder of Chisinau’s patisseries.

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