One of the things that sets Moldova apart from other civilized countries is how easy it is to go camping at the lake or by the river bank. 

It is true that you won’t get modern camping facilities: a WC, shower, sewerage, electricity, paved roads or security, but you will definitely enjoy a real experience in the wilderness, bathe in the cold waters of a spring or, early in the morning, in the warm waters of Nistru River. You will sleep deeply and witness a marvellous sunrise. Mămăligă [məmə’ligə] made over the campfire is the best, especially when served with savory vegetable stew, mushroom ciulama [t͡ʃula’ma] (mushrooms in white sauce), sheep brânză [‘brɨnzə], and mujdei [muʒ’dej] (garlic sauce).

Before the fast growing modern world snatches this away, enjoy the wilderness that belongs to no one and to everyone.  

And for the last weekend of this summer, on 26 and 27 August 2023, you have the opportunity to camp on the bank of the Nistru River at HODINA Fest. There you will have the time to experience many unique experiences and get some rest before the start of autumn.

See you there!

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