In Moldova we have a song that translates as “my parents’ house is not for selling”. I think it also refers to this story. Chisinau-Palanca, from Calarasi district is a route that will make you feel fully rewarded; the atmosphere you will find at “Casa Parinteasca” Guesthouse will have a similar effect on you as a “retreat” in an exotic country.

First of all, you will meet one of the most beautiful women in Moldova, the local host and owner, Tatiana Popa. She will receive you in her parents’ house; they had been dispossessed by the communist regime. Tatiana succeeded, after much effort, to recover the family home and turn it into a craft museum. This is where the traditions are kept alive and passed on to the children from the village. You will have the opportunity of seeing genuine and authentic beauty and taste special recipes, cooked according to the customs of the village, which is predominantly populated by Ukrainian families.

Tatiana will greet you at the gate with white cherry jam, served on cherry leaves.

Next, you’ll taste some potato crêpes, green tomato jam, sour cherry pie and a delicious cheese pudding. And if you’re lucky, Tatiana will serve you Socata [so’catə] (a traditional soft drink made from the flowers of the European elder shrub), a mint liqueur, Țuică [‘t͡suikə] (a traditional spirit made from plums) or tea from plants grown in the garden.

After tasting all the delights, have a talk with Tatiana, who is a unique and valuable representative of Moldova. You will also be able to find local souvenirs here.

Palanca village has one of the first culinary circuits in the country – the “Palanca Delights Bike Tour”. It is a specially designed route that includes a few houses from the village which can be reached by bicycle. The hosts will meet you at the gate and serve their best produce: cheeses, fresh apple juice, jams, țuică. Bicycles can be rented from the “Casa Parinteasca” Guesthouse where you’ll find more details about the itinerary and prices.

Address: Palanca village, Calarasi district
Distance from Chisinau: 77 km
Tel. (+373) 244 73175 
Tel. (+373) 069 457 399
Email: [email protected]

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