Moldovan National Wine Days – 22nd edition

Every country has celebrations of religion, patriotism, family, but here in Moldova we have a holiday that does not fall into these areas, but brings together all Moldovans to the same thought and this are: Moldovan National Wine Days.

Anticipating a warm welcome for over 100,000 visitors, the 22nd edition of the National Wine Days, taking place on October 7th and 8th (as usual on the first weekend of October, just after the grapes have been harvested), marks a decade of the Wine of Moldova’s success under the inspiring slogan, “Our Wine Wins Over the World.” With wine tastings, music, dances, traditional dishes, handicraft workshops and a performance that replicates the entire winemaking process. You can see here the program for this weekend.

This extraordinary celebration stands as a worldwide exclusive, dedicated to Moldova’s wine and cherished winemaking traditions. As is tradition, the festivities will grace the Great National Assembly Square, where approximately 100 passionate wine-makers, united under the banner of the Wine of Moldova brand, will proudly showcase their creations. Among these, you’ll find well-known wines, proudly displaying their international competition medals, as well as fresh additions from the latest harvest and exciting new releases.

Also, Wine Days will be celebrated in various wineries and wine cellars across Moldova, making it an even grander celebration of the country’s rich wine heritage. Here are a few that I recommend you to visit

Everything accompanied by brilliant wines: Sol Negru Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Rosé from Asconi Winery. It’s worth spending the weekend here, in a traditional and eco-friendly house close to the winery. For dessert, ask for Ice Wine and one of the local pies made with apples or sour cherries.  Flavors out of this world – guaranteed! 

The Luchianov family created at Crocmaz a little oasis with everything you’ll ever need: breath-taking landscapes, vineyards, a peach orchard, a small and elegant winery, a restaurant with delicious dishes, a beautiful hotel, a lavender field, a pool and some friendly hosts. It’s the ideal spot for escaping the city.

A different taste of Moldova can be experienced in Vulcanesti, a city where you can find various ethnic groups with unique cultures. Gagauz people are outgoing, cheerful, hospitable and generous and you can find all of that at Kara Gani Winery plus an excellent wine. My favorite is rosé and țuică [‘t͡suikə] made of grapes. Gagauzians have the ultimate delicious food – real tasty sheep’s cheese, gozleme, bulgur with sheep offal, ram shorpa with spices, pide (a type of tart made with cow brânză) and mangea (pepper and tomato stew, sometimes made with chicken). 

Castel Mimi, from Bulboaca village, is the “too good to be true” tourist destination from Moldova. The place is a must see, not only for its historical importance and emblematic legend of Constantin Mimi, the former Governor of Bessarabia and a passionate winemaker, but also for its architectural beauty, which a great restoration project has brought back to life. And here was the most important political event in recent years for Moldova: European Political Community Summit 2023, and Castel Mimi have met all the quality requirements in this context.

Also you can see here my adventure to explore more wineries in Moldova.
Moldova boasts more than 2 percent of the world’s vineyards, putting it in the top 20 wine-producing countries and making it a significant global exporter. The vine-growing and wine-making industry play a vital role in Moldova’s economy, and Moldovan wines are enjoyed in over 70 countries around the world, making them a truly global favorite.

More about Moldovan taste you can find in the cookbook EAT LIKE MOLDOVANS

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