Moldova – twice winner at the Global Culinary Travel Awards 2023

This autumn we are counting the awards for Culinary Tourism in Moldova. And once again we have something to be proud of and we are taking our fame all over the world, because this year Moldova has double entered in the Global Culinary Travel Awards.

  • For the best Agricultural or Rural Experience for Culinary Travelers the winner is Eco Resort Butuceni

Eco Resort Butuceni is only 47 km from the capital. A unique picturesque place with a huge historical background. A place where they feed people with unforgettable moments, with breathtaking landscapes, with selected dishes, picked from the recipes hidden in the old village.

The BERD’S philosophy combines Moldova’s best features such as fruitfulness, flavors and sun. The cuisine goes over the typical perception of Moldovan traditional food, offering an exquisite and unique gastronomical experience.
And of course any culinary delights, complemented by select drinks – give you an unique experience. One of the particularities of the restaurant is the bar made of natural stone, which surprises with its unusual design and generous offer of cocktails.

The Global Culinary Travel Awards (first called the FoodTrekking Awards) were introduced by the WFTA in 2015 to set a benchmark for excellence and innovation in our industry. The Awards open every March, and winners are announced every September. This year, six winners were chosen out of 99 entries from 18 countries.

Culinary travel was officially recognized as a niche industry in 2001 with the publication of a white paper, “Culinary Tourism: The Hidden Harvest.” Since then, the industry has experienced tremendous growth in both the quantity and quality of products and experiences for culinary travelers.

You can also find out about other culinary tourist destinations in my cookbook, as well as traditional recipes to prepare yourself.

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